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Mes services s'adressent à diverses clientèles :

  • Syndicats, commissions scolaires
  • Compagnies d’assurances
  • Services des ressources humaines
  • Services de santé et sécurité au travail
  • Centres médicaux
  • Médecins, médecins spécialistes
  • Toute personne, quelle que soit son origine sociale ou culturelle, désireuse d'acquérir une meilleure compréhension de soi

 « ...[Her reports] have been invaluable in the future 
 management of our employees problems... » 

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue


I have a million reasons why I highly recommend Yasmina, but where to begin...? Let's start with her genuine compassion; not only does she give you her time and attention, but she also truly cares for her patients from the depths of her soul. Yasmina helped me to understand myself when all I could see was a dark and twisted labyrinth. She helped me to introspect, to shine a light on the dark corners of my mind, and to bring to the surface what I subconsciously kept hidden due to shame, guilt, fear, and self doubt. She planted seeds weekly in my mind, watered me with love, and watched me blossom. Yasmina never gave up on me—even when I gave up on myself! She consistently brought me back to the light, over and over again through her gentle guidance, patience, and compassion. She equipped me with the proper tools needed in order to help myself to stand on my feet, whilst allowing me to proceed at my own pace and develop my own journey without judgment or criticism. As a team, we worked together to open my mind to new possibilities, new concepts—such as self love and compassion—and reach higher levels of consciousness through self awareness. In short, I couldn't have done it without her! Yasmina changed the direction of my life when she told me I was a highly sensitive person (HSP), opening my heart to the possibility that I had a gift that should be cherished—and not a curse that should be shamed. I can't begin to express the gratitude I feel for this woman, who genuinely demonstrated what a true therapist should be! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Yasmina Lallemand, for the effort, the love, the guidance, the perseverance, and the hope you've given me! You shall remain in my heart forevermore. (R B Dec 2022)

Yasmina tu es arrivée dans ma vie dans un moment de tempête. Bien que je tentais depuis un temps déjà de retrouver mes repères, je ne voyais rien d'où je me trouvais. Tu as été pour moi un phare, qui a su m'accueillir dans la bienveillance et le non-jugement.
Ta présence, ta sensibilité, ton écoute, ton bagage m'ont permis de développer un sentiment de confiance et c'est ce sentiment qui m'a permis de cheminer à tes côtés.
Au travers mon suivi, je me suis découverte et surtout j'ai accepté l'hypersensible que je suis. Aujourd'hui je suis arrivée à bon port avec un grand sentiment de fierté et de bien être. Je peux enfin ressentir qui je suis ! Merci pour tout xxx. (I.B. Mai 2022)

I met Yasmina for the first time in 2019, when I felt badly and was distressed because I fell in love with the woman at work, and also because the bad childhood memories from the past started resurfacing. Today, three years later, I feel much better. Looking back, I think that these three things were the most helpful.
First, the turning point in therapy for me was the EMDR session where I brought back the imagery and re-experienced the rejection of the woman at work and the feelings associated with it.
Second, we worked through my childhood troubles together, and she was very patient and empathetic during this long work. I learned to be more patient too.
Third, Yasmina is a highly sensitive person, like me, and, thanks to her, I understand myself much better. Now I know why things from the past happened the way they did. I learned to have more compassion for myself. Finally, during the therapy with Yasmina, I discovered new hobbies. Now I do mindfulness meditation, laughter yoga and hiking, and write morning pages journal. Thank you, Yasmina, for helping me to get through the issues in life that I experienced. (E..S. June 2022)

I forgive myself, for I didn't know better,
I lived through a lot of trauma;
Surrounded by chaos, control, and abuse,
I couldn't get rid of the drama.
I wasn't kind to myself, nor was I forgiving,
I bullied myself worse than the rest;
The feeling of unworthiness came from so deep within,
It always left a hole in my chest.
I didn't matter, I wasn't good enough,
I couldn't get anything right.

Why bother trying? Others are so much better!
At the end of the tunnel, no light...
Just darkness from within, my rage was strong,
I didn't know how to self regulate;
When I could no longer bare my eerie thoughts,
I knew that it was time to medicate.
I forgive myself because I didn't have the skill set
To behave any differently in my past;
My consciousness was limited, I wasn't woke,
And I had to grow up very fast.
I wasn't shown love, nor given affection,
I didn't receive words of kindness;
I thought I was ugly, limited, and weird,
I forgive myself for all of my blindness.
Abused in every sense, I had no self esteem,
No one to turn to in distress;
I became a good actress and played different parts,
Though in my head I felt like a mess.
I forgive myself for my negative thoughts,
I dreamed of killing myself often;
I felt angry and hopeless, like, what was the point?
But now I begin to soften...
I forgive myself for cutting my arm
To transfer the pain from my mind;
32 cuts for every year I was silent,
A prisoner of my thoughts, I was confined.
I forgive myself for not screaming out
When I was sexually abused;
I understand now that I was trying to survive
In exchange for getting used.
It was not my fault. Repeat that again.
It was not my fucking fault!
I didn't tell anyone, pretended it didn't happen,
For 32 years, a vault.
I forgive myself for not following my gut,
I could have avoided disasters;
But by the same token, I appreciate the contrast,
They helped me expand much faster.
I forgive myself for not acknowledging
That I am, in fact, gifted;
All the people who cross my path
Always leave feeling uplifted.
I forgive myself for not fully embracing
My potential nor my power;
For feeling like a prisoner
Who was locked up in a tower.
Controlled from birth,
And brainwashed soon thereafter,
My childhood didn't consist
Of cookies, toys, and laughter...
I forgive myself for marrying a narcissist,
He was nice at first;
An energy vampire, draining me slowly,
For my blood he'd thirst.
I forgive myself for not setting boundaries,
It took years of therapy to learn;
Saying no was difficult to do,
For peace of mind, I'd yearn.
I forgive myself for thinking that
I always needed to be perfect;
Low self esteem, I fooled them all,
I kept my audience well tricked.
I forgive myself for my parenting blunders,
I've messed up here and there;
I've apologized to my children sincerely,
I'm much more self aware.
I forgive myself for not loving myself
The way I deserved to be loved.
For not taking care of my wants and needs,
For allowing myself to be shoved.
It's alright, I'm exactly where I need to be,
These experiences made me whole;
I release resistance, let go of the reins,
I give up all control.
I forgive myself for thinking
That I had to have a plan;
I allow myself to go with the flow,
All negative thoughts, I ban. (RB. August 22, 2021)

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Two years ago I reached out to you,
Searching for some help;
Though my voice audibly silent,
You could hear my yelp.
'I am looking for a therapist ', I said,
Feeling awkward and weak.
'I am not quite sure how you'll help,
But my outlook on life is bleak!'
Suffering from a deep depression
You helped me face my pain

'Fear is just a thought ', you said—
'It's made up in your brain!
You have the power to change your life
By starting with your thoughts;
Now step in the driver's seat
It's you who calls the shots!'
Your kindness and compassion, I felt
In my very core;
Though I hated therapy,
I returned each week, once more.
I never belonged on this eart--
Different from the day I was born;
I wanted to find a way out
Without constantly feeling torn.
'Yasmina', I said,
'I don't wanna stay;
All I feel is sadness....
Make it go away'.
That's when I discovered a thing or two
II hadn't known before;
For one, I'm highly sensitive.....
I knew this in y core.
Sensory processing sensitivity
Affects 20% fo the population,
All across the species,
All across the nations.
A universal gift
To be shared only by a few.
At first, I felt ashamed,
But ten I quickly knew
That I had an obligation
To spread the information I acquired,
For there ay be many like me
Who might likely feel inspired—
To understand themselves fully,
And feel like vthey belong
In a world where uncertainty thrives,
And stand up feeling strong.
'A gleam of hope?' I think,
I get up of the couch;
I'm tired of this journey
And I feel like such a grouch!
I start to feel better
Just af few months in;
'Maybe I am healed...?'
I ponderingly begin.
'Thanks for the sessions',
I say with appreciation
'You're welcome, my dear',
She says with agitation;
Knowing very well
That I'am far from done;
My schemas follow me
As I try to run
Far away:
I try hard to escape
This constant feeling
Of being raped—
By my life and society,
My family and friends,
My emotions are erratic....
Will this ever end?
I wake the next day and feel amazing!
'Life is grand'! I think.
A toast to my success!
I raise my glass and drink.
I go to bed and wake again;
Wait, what the fuck just happened?!
A shadow lingering over my hea--
My soul, depressed and blackened.
Suicidal thoughts flood my mind;
I can't go on another day...
I'd rather be gone forever
Than feel this pain and stay.
Back to therapy I go,
Against all my desires;
Yet Yasmina is so lovely,
And always inspire--
Whether it be through advice or books,
I always pay attention;
And before therapy,
I always set my intention
Thank you, Yasmina,
For coaching me in my time of need;
I will forever be grateful to you
For helping plant the seed
Of success and hope,
I know now what I am worth;
I've connected to myself,
And as well to Mother Earth.
Never have I felt so conscious,
Fully aware and woke.
I will be a human becoming
Until the day I croak
RB. July 2021

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J’ai consulté Yasmina suite à une situation professionnelle qui a mené au burnout. J’ai fait plusieurs recherches sur le site des psychologues du Québec. Suite à la lecture de sa page Internet, j’ai découvert une thérapeute qui semblait humaine et dont l’approche thérapeutique correspondait à mes valeurs.
Au début de notre rencontre, je vivais énormément d’anxiété, de stress, d’inquiétudes par rapport à cette situation professionnelle qui avait beaucoup d’impacts négatifs sur mon état mental, ma vie personnelle et ma vie familiale. Au cours des séances que j’ai eues avec Yasmina, j’ai réalisé que le phénomène dont j’avais été victime représentait du harcèlement psychologique, qui s’était étalé sur plusieurs années. De plus, nos séances m’ont permis de cheminer dans mes blessures d’enfance, c’est-à-dire de guérir l’enfant en moi. À travers mon processus de guérison, elle m’a permis d’envisager des solutions auxquelles je n’aurais jamais pensé.
Yasmina est une professionnelle à l’écoute, empathique, qui ne porte pas de jugement, qui sait nous mettre à l’aise et qui utilise le sens de l’humour comme technique d’intervention. Je l’ai d’ailleurs recommandée à des proches qui l’ont grandement appréciée !
Encore une fois merci pour l'aide apportée !

J'ai rencontré madame Lallemand au mois de novembre 2018, après avoir essayé avec deux autres psychologues pour traiter mon choc post-traumatique suite à une agression au travail.
Peu de séances ont été nécessaires pour être convaincue de la compétence et des aptitudes de Madame Lallemand. Son savoir-faire, son savoir-être et son professionnalisme font partie de ses nombreux atouts comme psychothérapeute.
Son approche franche, orientée vers les solutions et adaptée aux besoins du patient aura été très efficace dans ma situation. La thérapie EMDR combinée avec l'écoute, l'analyse et les conseils de madame Lallemand auront été un succès pour mon cheminement personnel à travers cette épreuve. Je la recommande fortement  !

On April 27th, I made a call to a psychotherapist I found through a website: I never thought that my first-time experiencing grace would be during Yasmina's therapy sessions.
My first time I called for a session, I was in a terrible distress. I had lost my father 2 months prior consequently experiencing a traumatic shock. I needed help and I got it with Yasmina. She is a humanist who shows empathy, sympathy and authenticity with every word she speaks. She took me on although she already had a full clinic, even went above and beyond with her time to write a letter of recommendation to my doctor to help me get better also. She scheduled weekly sessions telling me that within 10 sessions I would see results. She wasn’t wrong.
Through conversations, book reading, reflection and interaction with each other over Skype the therapy worked wonders. Yasmina has such a deep understanding, that if you need to rediscover yourself, she is a knowledgeable guide to have in your journey to enlightenment. I truly see myself in a different light now after my father’s passing and it took 10 sessions as she said. Her experience is truly full of credible skillsets and I strongly recommend Yasmina as a therapist.

I met Yasmina during the darkest times of my life. I am a survivor of domestic abuse and rape. I can now say those words without having a panic attack, and without triggering any painful memories, all thanks to Yasmina. My traumatic experience happened when I was a minor, and I had suppressed those memories for 20 years. It took a simple question from a medical professional to have every memory come back, which resulted in severe depression, anxiety, and extreme panic attacks.
When I was looking for a professional to talk to, it took weeks for me to find someone I was comfortable with. When I saw Yasmina’s credentials and profile, I felt at ease knowing she had many years of experience with domestic violence. During my first session, Yasmina made me feel completely at ease.

She would listen without judgment, with compassion, empathy, and had interest in helping me. I really appreciated how her office was not the stereotypical “couch and chair”. It made it feel as if I was at a friend’s house and was just venting. EMDR was very tough for me, however, it changed my life. I am able to recall the events without it triggering any stressful emotions.
With the help of Yasmina for the past 2 years, I have become the most assertive, happy, and healthy woman that I have always been deep down. She has also helped me get a hold of my health, which has been an issue for many years. No one has ever truly cared about my physical and emotional health as much as she did.
I cannot repay Yasmina enough for everything that she has done for me. I have definitely gained a friend during this journey in my life. She has allowed me to realize that I am not ashamed of what happened to me, since it has made me stronger and has shaped me into the wonderful woman that I am today. Merci infiniment.

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Thank you Yasmina for the past few months .. it was a long journey but now I have a clear vision and new goals going forward.. I will always remember your encouraging words and kindness. Take care and merci.

Yasmina, I just wanted to thank you. You've really helped me come a long way, and I could never have done it without you. Thank you thank you thank you. You are loved.

Je voudrais vous remercier pour toute l’aide que vous m’avez apportée au cours de plusieurs années. J’en serai reconnaissante toute ma vie. Vous m’avez aidé à comprendre beaucoup de choses sur moi qui m’ont fait grandir. Vous m’avez aidé à m’accepter telle que je suis et bien plus. Sans vous, beaucoup de choses que j’ai acquises aujourd’hui n’auraient jamais eu lieu. Merci pour tout.

Bonsoir chère Yasmina,
Ce soir, je suis à Québec et je suis dans un resto hyper mignon où la musique est au rendez-vous. Le chansonnier est un accordéoniste et j'ai eu une petite pensée pour vous ce soir. Vous, Yasmina qui avez fait un changement positif dans ma vie. Vous qui m'avez amené vers une certaine zénitude, un certain lâcher prise. Lorsque j'ai entendu sa musique, j'ai pensé immédiatement à vous. Si je ne me trompe pas, vous êtes une joueuse d'accordéon, en fait c'est un souvenir que j'ai de vous. Alors, c'est à vous que j'ai pensé ce soir. Merci pour tout, Yasmina. Même si mon quotidien est encore fait de montagnes russes dans ma vie, je pense qu'il y a plus de hauts que de bas aujourd'hui. Merci d'avoir été mon guide.

I was fortuitously referred to Mme Lallemand by another professional. Mme Lallemand was able to see me in the same week. It was a crisis situation and any delay would be horrific for me. She was able to calm the situation and agreed to treat me. Mme Lallemand has, throughout my treatment, been the utmost professional. I was indeed lucky to have met her.

J’ai commencé à voir Mme Lallemand, suite à une recommandation. Ma vie allait changer drastiquement suite à un accident. Incapable de comprendre mon anxiété et envahie par la culpabilité, je ne voyais pas l’ampleur des défis devant moi. Je n’acceptais pas que la douleur affecte ma famille, mes enfants en particulier. Un gros travail a débuté avec mon accident et terminé en apprenant qui je suis.

On entend souvent que rien n’arrive pour rien, mais prenons-nous vraiment le temps de faire une profonde réflexion lorsque le pire arrive? Je n’ai pas eu le choix de faire ce travail qui m’a sauvé. Cet accident malheureux est devenu un évènement marquant qui m’a empêché de perpétuer une existence opprimée par le passé. J’ai compris que vivre pour moi, ne fait pas de moi égoïste, mais une personne bien équilibrée.
Pour arriver à guérir mon corps, je devais guérir mon âme. Mon enfance a laissé de graves séquelles qui avaient toujours une emprise sur moi. Il fallait une thérapeute comme Mme Lallemand pour me faire comprendre comment mon enfance affectait ma vie d’aujourd’hui. J’ai vécu deux deuils importants; changement de carrière et mon enfance.
Durant ma thérapie et ma longue récupération, j’ai surmonté plus de défis que je croyais possible. J’ai pu grandir et découvrir un talent artistique. Aujourd’hui, je peux prendre ma vie en charge en prenant des décisions équilibrées pour ma famille et pour moi-même, plutôt que sous l’emprise de la culpabilité, la peur et le sens des obligations. Je me suis pardonnée et j’ai pardonné les autres en refusant de leur donner le pouvoir sur moi. Tout un accomplissement qui a été possible avec l’aide et le soutien de Mme Lallemand. Mille mercis.

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Il n'y en a pas une comme elle ! Yasmina Lallemand a une approche très humaniste et elle sait écouter et trouver rapidement le mal qui nous ronge ! Depuis mon enfance j'étouffais, je ne vivais pas, je survivais. Avec Yasmina, j'ai appris à vivre... et ce à 56 ans ! Merci pour tout. Vous êtes la meilleure !

Excellente psychologue. Je vous la recommande. Elle m'a aidé énormément, là où d'autres n'avaient pas réussi. Elle est professionnelle, investie et passionnée.

I had a work accident involving a lost of a finger, three months after an eye. Been with the psychologist for three years now concerning Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. With her Therapeutic method and E.M.D.R., I was able to regain my life again. She is a great psychologist. Wonderful person on a professional manner. I strongly recommend her. To everyone who needs help.