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Yasmina Lallemand

Clinical Psychologist / Psychotherapist
EMDR Certified Therapist


Welcome to Yasmina Lallemand’s psychological services

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Yasmina Lallemand is a bilingual clinical psychologist and psychotherapist with a solid and rich international clinical experience in mental health and physical health in France, Great Britain and Quebec.
Yasmina Lallemand works with a wide variety of Francophone and Anglophone patients from very different cultural backgrounds: adults, young adults, teenagers, couples, seniors, veterans, refugees, immigrants with all kinds of difficulties such as:
Depression - anxiety - post-traumatic stress disorder - sexual and physical aggression - psychological and / or sexual harassment - burnout - traumas - chronic pain - difficulties in adapting to diagnosis - separations - bereavements - relationship difficulties - career changes - psychological issues related to immigration and uprooting - existential crisis - the place of spirituality in the process of personal growth and healing.

Yasmina Lallemand is an EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) Certified Practitioner. EMDR is a proven and effective therapeutic Intervention for the treatment of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) ) and other forms of traumas. She also offers Emotionally Focused CoupleTherapy and psychotherapy for highly sensitive people (or hypersensitive). Patients from CNESST, IVAC and SAAQ are welcome.

Her clinical practice also includes mindfulness, self-compassion, and psycho-spirituality issues.

Three good reasons to choose her professional services:
1. Relevant clinical experience - A rich and varied professional experience, always supported by personal development and on-going professional development.
2. The quality of interventions - According to very high standards based on rules and values of professional ethics and clinical supervision.
3. The human aspect - Today, any clinical practice uses meticulously chosen interventions, framed by laws and rules governing our practices. But most importantly, her patients are above all human beings in their own right, with a great need for personal attention and warmth. Her patients are much more than just "cases to solve"!

« We only see with the heart, the essential is invisible »

« To love someone is to reveal the beauty of one's soul »
Jean Vanier